Paddington Project Page

Paddington Station, London

After many years of early stage planning Thorp Precast commenced work on the new Crossrail terminal at Paddington Station during September 2015.

The Terminal is a 10m deep trench. Both walls have been clad by Thorp Precast using a project total of 91 No. Precast Panels. The 50% of the North face was clad with underslung panels. Each unit was dropped onto an insitu corbel (also designed by Thorp Precast) and then winched through a tunnel into its final position.

The North face also features a sound attenuation feature. Each panel has a series of holes to allow soundwaves to pass through the façade. The idea being that this will prevent to the public-address system from echoing inside the ticket hall.

Crossrail are well known in the construction industry for demanding the highest levels of performance, professionalism, pragmatism. Successfully completing this project on programme with commendations from Crossrail will be a great boost to our already outstanding reputation in the marketplace.

Manufacture began on the first working day of 2016 and was completed on the 17th of July. The installation was carried out on night shifts under the watchful eye of Crossrail and CSJV.




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